Therapy for Grief and Loss of Companion Animal in Gibbsboro, NJ

They weren’t “just an animal” – they were your best friend.
Now your heart is broken and you feel lost without them.
I can help you find your way

Memorial Art Session

Honor your animal soulmate with truly original artwork. Capture the connection and love you shared. Express your grief. Get the support you need to heal.

Short-Term Grief Counseling For Pet Loss

Sensitive, knowledgeable support for the loss or anticipated loss of your animal family member – no matter the circumstances or time you’ve been together. Therapy for as few or as many sessions as you find helpful. All the care and understanding you need.

Companion Animal Grief & Loss

Losing or anticipating the loss of your best friend is devastating. You feel lonely and lost without them.

I’m here to take the edge off feeling alone. I want to know all their silly nicknames – Stinky, Furbutt, Queenie, Snoofles, Mrs. Wigglebottom – and everything about them and your life together.

Grieving pet parents receive sensitive, specialized support. I draw from my knowledge and experience as a therapist and a lifetime of love and loss with companions of many species so I can help you find your way forward.

Photo close-up of an orange tabby cat lying down with a hand petting the cat's head

Services for Grief Counseling For Pet Loss

Memorial Art Session

During this one-time extended 100-minute session, you will create a piece of display-worthy art to honor your loved one. I will guide you through a mixed media collage process and we’ll have therapeutic discussion about your family member and the meaning of your art to help you process your grief.

I provide a wide array of art materials and invite you to bring personal items suitable for collage to incorporate into your one-of-a-kind artwork. Items can include copies of photos, documents and scraps of fabric, such as from a favorite blanket or toy, even locks of fur.

The artmaking technique lends itself to exploring and expressing emotions, so your art will not just be visually interesting, but it’ll be layered with the essence and spirit of your relationship.

This artmaking process is designed for all levels of experience. Adults who haven’t made art since grade school are often surprised by the beauty, depth of meaning and emotional impact of their finished collage.

Black and white cat lying on a blue blanket
Brown chihuahua mix dog with one eye sitting in a yard covered with leaves. There's a fence and trees in the background

Short-Term Therapy for Grief and Loss in Gibbsboro, NJ

Losing a beloved companion animal can be devastating. Whether you are anticipating a loss, your loss is recent, or you’re struggling to recover from extended grief, I’ll support you through your grieving process.

Client goals might include improved functioning, strategies to memorialize a loved one, and having an opportunity to process grief with someone who is sensitive to the unique relationships we have with the animals in our lives.

Through discussion and art therapy, we’ll explore complex feelings associated with losing a companion animal – sadness, guilt, regret, anger, loneliness. You’ll also be invited to share stories and paint a picture – literally and figuratively – of the bond you shared.

My hope for you is that at the end of therapy, your memories will bring more joy than heartache, and you’ll find meaning in the time you had with your loved one and hope for what comes next.

Frequently Asked Questions on Therapy for Grief and Loss

What is Therapy for Grief and Loss?

Therapy for grief and loss is dedicated time for you to process your experience and receive understanding and support. You’ll be able to share how your life is impacted and express all the thoughts and feelings without judgment. The goal is to help you move through the grief, so ultimately, you’re able to hold what was meaningful to you while also making room for your future.

How does Therapy for Grief and Loss work?

As a client in therapy for grief and loss, you’ll be able to freely express thoughts and feelings that you might be reluctant to share with other people in your life, either because they’re also grieving or because you feel they won’t understand or don’t want to hear it. A combination of talk and art therapy will allow you to explore the complicated, sometimes conflicting feelings that emerge in response to grief and loss. In therapy, your experience will be recognized and validated, and together, we’ll consider what life after loss looks like for you.

When is Therapy for Grief and Loss needed?

Decisions about when therapy for grief and loss is needed depends on the individual and the timing and nature of the loss. If the loss is recent, you might need therapy to help you through the first weeks or months as you work through the initial phases of grief. If time has passed since the loss, but your grief still feels raw and unmanageable, you might need the support of therapy. Therapy for grief and loss can also be helpful for people with anticipated loss, such as having a family member with a terminal illness, if you’re looking for additional support through that process. Lastly, if you’re dealing with disenfranchised grief and loss, you might need therapy if you’re not getting the support you need elsewhere, due to the nature of the loss. Examples of disenfranchised grief can vary, but they are typically minimized, stigmatized, or unacknowledged. Examples include loss of a beloved companion animal, loss due to suicide, loss of health, loss of a partner if you’re LGBTQ+ and not out.

How much does Therapy for Grief and Loss cost?

The fee for a 50-minute session is $150.

How long does the Therapy for Grief and Loss process take?

The length of treatment depends on your needs. Grief and loss experiences can be complex and varied based on the nature of the loss and the relationship. Some people have overlapping concerns, like depression, anxiety, and relational challenges, which affect the course of therapy. As a client, we will stay in conversation about your progress so you can make decisions about the frequency and duration of therapy.

How do I know if Therapy for Grief and Loss is right for me?

Therapy for grief and loss might be right for you if it feels like grief is interfering in your life and relationships and you’re having difficulty adjusting to the loss. Consider therapy for grief and loss if: grief is interfering with your ability to focus and function in your day-to-day life, you need more support than the people in your life can offer, people around you are dismissive of your grief and think you need to “get over it,” you feel isolated due to the nature of the loss and a sense that people in your life are unable to relate, people in your life are also grieving and you’re concerned about burdening them, you feel like you could benefit from a safe outlet and dedicated time to express your grief.

Miss Kaylee,
my peanut


Why I offer therapy for companion animal loss…

I’ve lost many animals in my life under all different circumstances. It’s never easy.

But losing the one who’s your soulmate is a special kind of heartbreak.

I started learning how to use my skills to help people dealing with companion animal loss when Kaylee was young. However becoming knowledgeable and competent to help clients with their losses was one thing. Losing my BFF was another.

Kaylee died very suddenly in March 2022. Being ok again has been a long process and I still have my moments.

After taking a hiatus from providing  grief therapy, I’ve resumed this important work. I’ve found ways to honor and remember her, including helping others through their grief.

Lee Ann's dog Kaylee, lying in the grass, panting, looking up to enjoy the breeze

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