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Therapy for ADHD


Life with ADHD can feel chaotic. One day you’re turning the house upside down looking for your keys – and you’re already running late. The next day, you’re definitely going to get so much stuff done, but you can’t figure out how to start, so none of it gets done. Now you’re wondering if therapy for ADHD could ease some of the chaos.

Other people don’t really get it. You’ve heard it all. “Pick one thing and just start. You just need to leave on time. You just need the right planner.” Just this. Just that. If it was just that easy.

Living with ADHD certainly has challenges, but it’s not all bad. Therapy for ADHD can help you manage the challenges, while clarifying and building on your strengths.

You’re not defined by ADHD, but understanding it can help you understand yourself. Above all, therapy for ADHD offers a non-judgmental space to feel validated and understood.

I want to help you be gentler with yourself, more confident in your abilities, and empowered by your strengths. Most important, you deserve the future you want for yourself and all the support you need to get there.

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Therapy for ADHD
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therapy for ADHD?

Therapy for ADHD is dedicated time for you to explore your experience with ADHD. This might include feelings about diagnosis and impact on daily life and relationships, as well as life goals. 

Working on strategies to manage symptoms also has benefits. This includes evaluating effectiveness, developing flexible thinking to adapt to different situations, having realistic expectations, and being gentle with yourself.

During the course of therapy, if you’re struggling with specific tasks, such as completing applications or making phone calls, some people like starting these tasks in therapy since task initiation can be a hurdle.

Therapy for ADHD is also an opportunity to identify benefits of having an ADHD brain, like being creative or being able to focus on specific topics or skills that interest you.

Some people also find it helpful to explore “the big picture,” including what having ADHD personally means and how to enhance self-understanding.

How does Therapy for ADHD work?

As a client in therapy for ADHD, we’ll start by exploring what you’d like to get out of therapy because it’s important that you feel like our time together is meeting your needs.

Therapy consists of a combination of talk and art therapy. Specifically, my approach to art therapy is intended to help you develop an appreciation for your unique style, and equally important, let go of preconceived ideas about what art “should” be. The goal is to build confidence, enhance self-compassion, and better understand your unique needs and strengths.

An important aspect of therapy is building the therapy relationship so you feel comfortable sharing your experiences with and feelings about ADHD. A judgment-free therapy experience is a step towards learning to be kinder and gentler towards yourself and your ADHD brain.

When is Therapy for ADHD needed?

Therapy for ADHD can be useful for people who suspect they have ADHD, are recently diagnosed, or have known they have ADHD, but are struggling to manage it.

If you’re also dealing with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder or other mental health challenges, then you’ll certainly want to think about what support will best meet your needs. There’s a connection between ADHD and other mental health struggles, so addressing them together offers therapeutic benefits.

It’s not unusual for girls and women to develop mental health issues as a result of undiagnosed or late-diagnosed ADHD. Often, girls and women only suspect ADHD after they’ve already spent time, sometimes years, trying to address other mental health issues. It’s important to work with healthcare providers who understand the complexity of this experience.

Lastly, some people find it helpful to explore the more existential questions of life with ADHD. What does it mean to be neurodivergent? How do you find your place in the world and live authentically with ADHD? How do you make sense of a late diagnosis? Questions without easy answers that tend to bring up complicated emotions are worth exploring, especially when they can improve self-compassion and understanding.

How much does Therapy for ADHD cost?

The fee for a 50-minute session is $150.

How long does the Therapy for ADHD process take?

The length of treatment depends on your needs. The impact of ADHD is complex and changes based on age and developmental stage of life, in addition to individual factors like personality and social supports. Some people with ADHD also hope to address connected issues, such as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and relational difficulties, which affect the course of therapy. As a client, we will stay in conversation about your progress so you can make decisions about the frequency and duration of therapy.

How do I know if Therapy for ADHD is right for me?

Therapy for ADHD might be right for you if ADHD seems to be interfering in your life and causing distress, especially if you’re also trying to manage other mental health issues. You might also want to start therapy if you’re newly diagnosed or strongly suspect you have undiagnosed ADHD.

Consider therapy for ADHD if you: struggle with expectations of others, responsibilities and goals, recognize your confidence and sense of direction in life are off, have a high level of conflict at home due to ADHD related challenges, or wonder what it means and how to be “successful” (whatever that means to you) as a person with ADHD.

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