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South Jersey Office

Clients in South Jersey can work with me at my office in Gibbsboro, Camden County, close to Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Berlin and surrounding areas.

My office combines familiar features of a therapy office, like traditional seating, with art studio features, including work space, a wide range of art supplies and lots of natural light.


I offer virtual art therapy for clients located in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania so you can get care that might otherwise be difficult to access. Art therapy is modified so you get the benefits of this treatment approach while having therapy from the comfort of home or school.

Telehealth clients should have access to a flat work surface, as well as a selection of basic art supplies.

If you’d like more information about doing art therapy via telehealth, consider scheduling a free consultation.


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You can expect a response within 48 hours, excluding weekends and major holidays.

Days & Hours

Regular client sessions are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, daytime and evening availability. One-time extended sessions and short-term services can be scheduled outside of those times.

Please inquire so we can see if our schedules align.

South Jersey Therapy Office

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