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When “just talking about it” isn’t doing it for you, consider a more expansive approach to therapy. I offer in-person art therapy in Gibbsboro, NJ, and telehealth in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Prism Art Therapy’s affirming approach to could be what you need for the healing and transformation  you’re seeking.

Maybe you feel stuck or “aren’t living up to your potential” despite trying. You might see yourself as unconventional or weird – in a good way! However, it’s tough to be different when there’s pressure to blend in, take up less space, or personal issues are draining you. 

I help young people who are struggling socially, emotionally, academically or professionally. When you’re sensitive, intuitive or just have a unique perspective on life, dealing with complicated life stuff – mental health struggles, neurodivergence, relational discord, grief – is especially tough.

If you’re sad, anxious & overwhelmed because of emotionally heavy issues that affect motivation and confidence, maybe it’s time to go in a new direction.

I’ll support you to imagine a path forward that allows you to heal and build on your strengths as your authentic self.

What does being “different” mean?

At Prism Art Therapy, being “different” can have many meanings:

  • Identity, like gender, sexuality, disability, race
  • Personality or cognitive traits, like being an introvert or really sensitive
  • Neurodiversity
  • Skills or interests that are more niche, like the arts or roleplaying games
  • Life experiences, like uncommon family characteristics or trauma
  • Choosing to be different, like a nonconformist style
  • A combination of differences

Regardless of what makes you different, I want to support your journey to confidence, resiliance, authenticity, and life choices that align with your values and aspirations

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Feel seen. Be understood.

There’s a lot to be said for being perfectly happy to not really fit in if it means you’re being true to yourself.

As a bookish, neurodivergent, queer artist with vintage riot grrrl  energy (even if I stopped shaving my head a long time ago), I want to help you feel good about yourself.

There are countless ways we identify ourselves. Misfits, rebels and free spirits is a starting point, but also oddball, unicorn, geek, odd duck, nonconformist, black sheep, queer, weirdo, drama queen, eccentric, and anyone else who’s a little different.

If that’s you or your kid, Prism Art Therapy offers an affirming, non-judgmental, caring space to explore your reasons for seeking therapy.

Whatever the nature of your concerns, you deserve to be validated, recognized, and empowered to be yourself.

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Dr. Lee Ann Thill, art therapist, offering individual art therapy in Gibbsboro, NJ

I’m Lee Ann and I get it.

I really do.

PhD & Licensed Art Therapist.
Neurodivergent, queer, feminist artist.
Not bothered when things get messy.

Life imitates art, and both can get messy. However, cleaning an art mess is different from making sense of a life mess. Some life messes are too much to manage, even with family and friends who support you.

That’s where I come in. I want to help you manage the messy stuff, so you can heal and thrive.

I’m sensitive to your distress and understand the desire to heal. I’ve had to work through my own messes, so I’m familiar with the growth and insight therapy offers.

The essence of art therapy is captured in the saying, “To clean a mess, you have to make a mess.” Expressing yourself with art materials is a hands-on approach that can be emotionally cathartic and inspire insight.

Together, we’ll make an art mess in order to tidy up whatever feels messy in your life, so you can begin healing and start creating the future you want.

How does art therapy compare to talk therapy?

Talk therapy can be like driving on a one lane road, whereas art therapy is like having two lanes.

Sometimes, people hit roadblocks in talk therapy that are hard to talk through.

On the art therapy road, the therapist can guide your movement between art and talking if you feel stuck in one lane.

Having the choice to switch lanes offers more options for self expression and insight about the challenges you’re trying to resolve, which enhances potential for progress.

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Art Therapy in South Jersey

Imagine the life you want and create it.

Art therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy by using visual expression to help you express and explore thoughts and emotions beyond conscious awareness.

It’s especially helpful when you struggle to talk about your feelings or thoughts. Additionally, it can enhance a traditional talk therapy approach by serving as a bridge to your creative, intuitive side — for a more holistic therapy experience.

During sessions, I create a safe, judgment-free space so you can freely express yourself through your art, as we discuss your art, and how it relates to your current challenges.

The focus of our work isn’t art education and skill development, although you could very well learn techniques and create art that’s visually appealing.

Rather, our focus will be the expressive benefits and using art alongside narrative  – telling stories about yourself and your life, as they relate to your reasons for seeking therapy. 

Many people can benefit from art therapy. I work with preteens, teens and young adults. Lastly, I’m committed to sensitive and thoughtful culturally competent care, and my practice is LGBTQ+ affirming.

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Watercolor tray used in art therapy with Lee Ann Thill In Gibbsboro NJ

My judgment-free approach is:

Accessible: If you’re “not an artist,” you’re in the right place because I try to help people become comfortable experimenting with art-making, regardless of skill level.

Relational: The best indicator of good therapy outcome is satisfaction with the client-therapist relationship. This includes working through feelings together in therapy, even the uncomfortable ones, as well as learning healthy relationship skills.

Overall, our relationship should be based on trust, collaboration, agreement on goals, and willingness to work through discomfort or disagreement that might arise.

Authentic: I show up as me – laidback, a little offbeat, kind of a smartass – so you feel more comfortable showing up as you, even if you’re still exploring who you are and want to be.

There’s always a period of awkwardness at the start – like any new relationship – but over time, we should both feel at ease with each other. I want to get to know the real you.

Flexible: Therapy without a fixed sequence or formula, responsive to your needs and at your pace. I like to regularly check in with clients to see how therapy is going, so we can make any adjustments to better meet your needs.

Creative: Creativity isn’t just for artists. Part of my approach to therapy is helping you recognize how creative energy can both help you heal and help you problem solve in the future. Ultimately, art therapy is a launching point for you to feel more confident, resourceful and competent in your life.

“Lee Ann is super nice and obviously very knowledgeable. After going through several therapists in online platforms who I didn’t feel good about and didn’t feel like they understood me, I feel like Lee Ann does. I’m happy I tried again with her.”

Zoe (pseudonym)

Art Therapy Services

Individual Art Therapy in Gibbsboro, NJ

Clients in South Jersey can work with me at my office in Gibbsboro, Camden County, close to Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Berlin and surrounding areas. My office combines familiar features of a therapy office, like traditional seating, with art studio features, including work space, a wide range of art supplies and lots of natural light.

Telehealth Throughout New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania

I offer virtual art therapy for clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut so you can get care that might otherwise be difficult to access. Art therapy is modified to maximize its benefits from the comfort of home.

view of Lee Ann Thill's office
view of Lee Ann Thill's office

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