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Dr. Lee Ann Thill, art psychotherapist

I’m Lee Ann and I get it.

I really do.

PhD. Licensed Art Therapist. Artist who’s comfortable with messes.

Life imitates art – both can get messy. However, cleaning an art mess is different from sorting through a life mess. Sometimes they’re more than we can handle by ourselves.

That’s where I come in. I want to help you figure out the messy stuff.

But maybe you’ve heard the saying: to clean a mess, you have to make a mess. As an art therapist, I’ll guide the process of sorting through messy stuff using art.

And like everyone, I’ve had to sort out some messes, so I’m sensitive to your distress and understand the desire to heal.

Making a mess with art materials – literally or figuratively – can make it easier to process messy life stuff. We’ll make a mess to clean a mess so you can begin healing.


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Therapy for Eating Disorders + Chronic Illness, Grief, ADHD.

I provide therapy for teens, women and LGBTQ+ folks with eating disorders and related food and body image distress combined with chronic illness, grief and/or ADHD.

My specialty is helping people who have some combination of these issues. Each of these experiences has its own challenges, but when combined they’re overwhelming – one making the other worse, then the other way around. It can really complicate healing.

I want to help you find the balance and self-acceptance that has escaped you. You deserve to have understanding and guidance from a therapist with expertise, who wants to see you thrive and accept yourself.

Therapy for Grief & Loss

Grief is so peculiar. It’s a universal experience – we’ll all experience loss – but when you’re in it, it feels very isolating.

Maybe you have support at first, but eventually the world speeds along, while you’re still picking up the pieces. Or maybe you don’t have support at all.

The causes of grief are so varied: death of family or friends, job loss, the end of relationships, changes in ability, life transitions. And for each type of loss, your individual circumstances add nuanced complexities.

I offer space to express your feelings, tell your story, maybe make sense of the senseless, and hopefully, figure out what next.

Specific types of grief and loss I can help you with include:

  • loss or anticipated loss of a beloved companion animal (pet loss)
  • environmental grief and eco-anxiety related to the changing climate
  • grief after death from suicide
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Individual In-Person

Clients in South Jersey can work with me at my office in Gibbsboro, Camden County, close to Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Berlin and surrounding areas. My office combines familiar features of a therapy office, like traditional seating, with art studio features, including work space, a wide range of art supplies and lots of natural light.


I offer virtual art therapy for clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut so you can get care that might otherwise be difficult to access. Art therapy is modified to maximize its benefits from the comfort of home.

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My Approach

Accessible: If you’re “not an artist,” you’re in the right place because I try to help people become comfortable experimenting with art-making, regardless of skill level.

Relational: The client-therapist relationship is the best indicator of therapy outcome. This means working through feelings together in therapy, even the uncomfortable ones, to heal past relational wounds.

Authentic: I show up as me – laidback, a little offbeat, kind of a smartass – so you feel more comfortable showing up as you.

Flexible: Therapy without a fixed sequence or formula, responsive to your needs and at your pace.

Creative: Creativity isn’t just for artists. Part of my approach to therapy is helping you recognize how creative power can help you heal.

"Lee Ann is super nice and obviously very knowledgeable. After going through several therapists in online platforms who I didn’t feel good about and didn’t feel like they understood me, I feel like Lee Ann does. I’m happy I tried again with her."

Zoe (pseudonym)

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